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Start: September 30, 2021
Yolanda Hansen - Program Manager
Start: September 30, 2021

Applications now accepted for the 2022 Mentorship Program

The Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild is now accepting applications for apprentices and mentors for the 2022 Mentorship Program. This program allows developing writers (apprentices) to work in a supportive environment under the guidance of professional writers (mentors). The mentor provides the apprentice with one-on-one instruction in the craft of creative writing, and pairs will be in regular contact during the program. The program is open to writers in all genres and will be tailored to the apprentice's individual needs.


The program is to run from January 1 to April 30, 2022 and will include 4 pairings of mentors and apprentices. Mentorship pairs may work together virtually (i.e. video calls, email, phone calls), or in person. Required meetings for all participants will be held via Zoom. We hope to host the Apprentice Reading in May 2022 in person. There is no cost to apply for this program and there are no participation fees.


Please read the complete program details carefully before applying.


Deadline: Applications must be emailed or postmarked by Thursday, September 30, 2021 (midnight).


Please follow the Application Guidelines here. To help the SWG support writers of diverse communities and identities, we encourage applicants to self-declare if they identify as a writer of a marginalized cultural community (i.e. Black, Indigenous or Person of Colour). Indigenous writers may apply to the Indigenous Mentorship Program as mentors or apprentices.


Call for Mentors

The SWG is seeking experienced writers in all genres to participate in the Mentorship Program. Mentors who have participated in the program in the past are welcome to re-apply.


Four mentors will be selected based upon the following criteria:

  • the possession of a significant body of published work
  • experience as a teacher, workshop leader, mentor, writer-in-residence, or editor
  • the ability to commit time (15-20 hours per month) during the four-month mentorship period
  • Saskatchewan residency preferred


Mentors will receive an honorarium of $2,800 for their participation from Jan 1 to April 30, 2022.


Call for Apprentices

The SWG is seeking four emerging writers who wish to develop their skills in the craft of creative writing. Eligible applicants will meet the following criteria:

  • a body of work of sufficient quality to benefit from the program
  • a work in progress when they apply
  • have not published a book in the genre in which they wish to apprentice
  • demonstrated their commitment to writing by having participated in some form of professional development.
  • be free to devote a significant amount of time to the program: a minimum of 20-5 hours per month for four months.
  • Saskatchewan residency and are 19 years of age or older


The results of this competition will be announced in November. The decisions of the jury will be final. Jurors may choose to not make the entire four matches.


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