The Cheryl and Henry Kloppenburg Award for Literary Excellence

About the Award

Cheryl and Henry Kloppenburg

The Cheryl and Henry Kloppenburg Award for Literary Excellence recognizes Saskatchewan writers who have written a substantial body of literary work and had a significant impact on writing in Saskatchewan. The prize consists of an award of $10,000 donated by Cheryl and Henry Kloppenburg and a framed print of a work of art by Saskatchewan artist Dorothy Knowles. The presentation is made annually in Saskatoon and is co-hosted by the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild and Cheryl and Henry Kloppenburg, who present the award.

This prestigious award was established in May 2010 by Cheryl and Henry Kloppenburg, lawyers by profession, but philanthropists at heart. The three Honorary Patrons of the Award are the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan, the Mayor of the City of Saskatoon, and the President of the University of Saskatchewan.

Deadline for submissions is June 15, 2023, midnight. 
Please see "Nomination Process" below for nomination forms and full information about how to submit your nomination.


The award winner must have written a substantial body of literary work and have made a significant impact on writing in Saskatchewan. 

  1. The prize will be a cash award of $10,000, and a commemorative print of a painting by Saskatchewan artist Dorothy Knowles.
  2. There shall only be one award given each year, although an award will not necessarily be given each year.


  1. Writers must be Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents whose principal place of residence has been Saskatchewan for the last 5 full years or who have spent at least 10 years of their writing careers in Saskatchewan.
  2. Writers who have written books in fiction, poetry, drama, or nonfiction.
  3. Books may have been published anywhere in the world.
  4. The award shall not be made posthumously unless the writer was alive at the time of selection. 

Nomination process


Nominations will be accepted from the general public, publishers, and writing organizations. There is no limit to the number of nominations an organization can submit. All nominations and their supporting material are considered confidential.

Nominations consist of a completed nomination form and a maximum of ten pages of support material outlining the nominee’s accomplishments that makes a compelling case to the jury as to why your nominee should be chosen.  Information about your nominee should include: 

  • A biographical sketch;
  • A list of published works and their original publishers and dates of publication; and
  • A list of awards received. 

Additional information on nominations

  • Do not send books.
  • Do not send letters of support. They are not reviewed by the jury.
  • Please keep your nomination confidential.

Nominations for this award must be received by midnight June 15 annually. (If this date falls on a weekend or holiday, the next business day is accepted.) Nominations received after that date will automatically be considered for the following year.

If the nominee is not selected in a given year, the nomination will be kept on file for consideration for future awards for three years.

Nominations can be sent by email to

The Jury

The jury shall consist of three prominent Canadian literary figures, one of whom may be from Saskatchewan. The others must be from out-of-province. The jury will remain anonymous and its selection of a recipient will be final.

Presentation of award

The presentation of the award will be made in Saskatoon in the fall by Cheryl Kloppenburg.

Past Recipients

  • 2022 - Candace Savage
  • 2021 - Bill Waiser
  • 2020 - Louise B. Halfe - Sky Dancer
  • 2019 - Arthur Slade
  • 2018 - Sylvia Legris
  • 2017 - Trevor Herriot
  • 2016 - Yann Martel
  • 2015 - David Carpenter
  • 2014 - Sandra Birdsell
  • 2013 - Dianne Warren
  • 2012 - Sharon Butala
  • 2011 - Lorna Crozier
  • 2010 - Guy Vanderhaeghe

For more information, please contact:

Program Manager
 306.791.7743 | E:

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