Computer software for writers

A lot of technology is needed to make a living as a professional writer in today's book industry. 

Although most computers come equipped to handle general word processing, some writers require/desire different software that suits their specific writing needs.

Organizational software

  • Omni Outliner: For Mac OS. A tool that helps facilitate the outlining, organizing and brainstorming aspects for a project.
  • Connected Text: For Windows. Note management and outline system.
  • Outline 4D: For Windows. An organizational tool for writers.


Zenware is software that is designed to block things that distract you on a computer so that it is easier to concentrate on what you are doing

  • Write Monkey: For Windows. This zenware writing application is focused on the development of text, rather than the editing process.
  • WriteRoom: For Mac. Zenware word processor with variable background themes.
  • iA Writer: For Mac. This zenware writing software is as basic as it gets - you don't even have font options.
  • CreaWriter: For Windows. Zenware writing application that allows you to ass MP3 files for musical accompaniment.
  • Zen Writer: For Windows. Zenware writing application that allows background changes, music, and typing sounds.

Word processing

  • Write Way Pro: For Windows. This software is designed as a professional writer’s tool. Having such applications as “scratch pad”, word processing and forms outlining characters.
  • Microsoft Word: For Windows and Mac OS. The standard and most well-known word processor. This also comes with online cloud storage capabilities.
  • Pages: For Mac OS. The standard Apple word processor.
  • Scrivener: For Windows and Mac OS. Designed to make writing first drafts easier and to organize a project.
  • Storyist: For Mac. Word processing software designed with tools to track plot, settings, and characters. Available in iOS for your iPhone.
  • Ulysses: For Mac OS. Word processing software.

Scriptwriting software

  • Movie Magic Screenwriter: For Windows and Mac OS. Word processing and scriptwriting software.
  • Final Draft: For Windows and Mac OS. Scriptwriting software.
  • Movie Draft: For Windows and Mac OS. Scriptwriting software.
  • Celtx: For Windows and Mac OS. Scriptwriting and pre-production software.

Online word processing

  • Google Docs: This online service is available to anyone with a Google account, with all files store online.
  • Microsoft Word Online: Available as Office Online. This strongly resembles Word for desktop, but is online and uses online cloud storage.
  • Novelize: An online word processor, Novelize also offers a distraction free writing option.

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