Hyland Volunteer Award

Annual Member Award

The Hyland Volunteer Award (previously called the Volunteer Leadership Award) was established to recognize the many achievements of the SWG members through their volunteer support of the Saskatchewan literary community.

In 2007 the SWG Board changed the name to the Hyland Volunteer Award, named after Gary Hyland who, through volunteer efforts on behalf of the SWG and within the community of Moose Jaw, made a significant contribution to the Saskatchewan writing community. He received the Saskatchewan Volunteer Medal and was made a Member of the Order of Canada in recognition of these contributions.

The Hyland Volunteer Award is presented at the Annual SWG Fall Conference.


  • The recipient must be an SWG member and a resident of the province.
  • Recognition is for volunteer contributions made within the writing community on a local, provincial, or national level.
  • The nominee must be a volunteer in the writing community for a minimum of five years. This can include: former SWG Directors; volunteers for SWG office and events; or volunteers in the community itself, such as people that devote time and energy to helping other writers or fostering the community.
  • The nominee must have provided outstanding service to the growth and development of the SWG and the writing community through their volunteer commitment. 
  • A maximum of two awards will be presented in any year. No award will be presented should the Board decide that a recipient cannot be selected from the nominations put forth.
  • Awards will not be made posthumously.

Nomination letter

Nominators are asked to submit a letter as well as the prepared nomination form. The letter should include the following:

  • a description of the nominee's involvement/role in the SWG or writing community;
  • impact of their contribution on the growth and development of the SWG and the writing community; and
  • why you believe the nominee should receive this award.

Nomination form

2021 Nomination Form

Please download and save the form to your computer before filling it out.

Past recipients

Previous Winners of the Hyland Volunteer Award (previously the Volunteer Leadership Award)

  • Lois Simmie
  • Lynda Monahan
  • Dave Glaze
  • Robert Calder
  • Gerald Hill
  • Brenda Baker
  • Byrna Barclay
  • Sharon Butala
  • Robert Currie
  • Regine Haensel
  • Gary Hyland
  • William Klebeck
  • Pat Krause
  • Alison Lohans
  • Dave Margoshes
  • Judy McCrosky
  • Ken Mitchell
  • Brenda Niskala
  • James Romanow
  • Bernadette Wagner 
  • Danica Lorer
  • Cathy Fenwick

For more information, please contact:

Program Manager
 306.791.7743 | E: programs@skwriter.com

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