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Start: July 6, 2021
Yolanda Hansen - Program Manager
Start: July 6, 2021

Call for Applications for 2021-2022 Virtual Writers-in-Residence

The Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild invites all those with the necessary qualifications to apply for the position of Virtual Writer-in-Residence. In 2021-2022, the SWG will be hosting TWO different Virtual Writers-in-Residence; one for a term of September 1, 2021, to November 30, 2021, and the second for a term from February 1, 2022, to April 30, 2022.


Virtual Writer-in-Residence program provides rural and isolated SWG members access to the services of a Writer-in-Residence. The position will require 12 hours a month of online one-to-one consultations with SWG members writing in all genres, totalling 36 sessions for the contract period. Preparation time for each session will include pre-reading, evaluation, and contemplation of the member’s submitted written work (up to 15 pages) and accompanying questions (approximately 1.5 hours per 1-hour session).

The Virtual Writer-in-Residence will also hold a 1-hour talk on an element of writing during the first month of their residency. This professional development talk will be hosted online by the SWG. 

The Virtual Writer-in-Residence provides the Guild with a monthly report including the names of the members accessing the service and a final report with an evaluation of the program’s effectiveness. The requirements of this position are online consultation through Zoom: readings, workshops, special events or teaching are not expected. The Virtual Writer-in-Residence is not expected to produce writing and will not be compensated for private writing time.


Two different candidates will be chosen for the two different VWiR periods.

Remuneration is $5000 for the three month term (plus GST if applicable). 


The successful candidate must have:

  • experience as a teacher, workshop leader, mentor, writer-in-residence, or editor
  • the ability to work with writers of all genres and at different levels of experience (i.e. beginners to more established writers)
  • extensive previous publications (including at least one book) and knowledge of the craft of writing in all genres
  • the ability to conduct meetings in Zoom
  • the ability to commit time (15-20 hours per month)
  • Saskatchewan residency


Applications must include:

  • Cover letter outlining your ability to meet the position’s requirements and which VWIR period (Sept-Nov 2021 or Feb-Apr 2022) you prefer
  • Literary CV (max 5 pages), including a list of previous publications and projects, a summary of teaching, mentoring, and/or workshop experience
  • 2 letters of reference


Please submit your application by email to by midnight Tuesday, July 6, 2021.