How can I participate in this year’s conference?

Due to rising cases of COVID-19, all of our Fall Conference events will be held online. The Conference Pass offers access to most online events (except Trevor Cole’s interactive workshop and submitting your writing to the Virtual Writer-in-Residence). Once you have registered for the Conference Pass, you will receive emailed links to each event. Trevor Cole’s workshop will be a live interactive workshop on Zoom, and will be limited to 15 participants. The Virtual Writer-in-Residence option will also be limited to the first 18 people. You can register for both by adding it to your conference pass. Live online events will be available through Zoom, and our Small Talks series is available through a private Youtube channel.

Our Caroline Heath Memorial Lecture with Trevor Cole, and Q&A with Helen Knott and Kerry Benjoe will be offered as an interactive online Zoom webinar for conference participants and a livestreamed video available to the public through our Facebook page.

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be offered as an online Zoom webinar.


Can I access any of the online offerings after the conference?

Some of our online events will be available as recordings after the conference. The Q&A Session with Helen Knott and Kerry Benjoe, and Trevor Cole’s lecture will be available to the public during and after the conference as livestreamed videos on our Facebook site. The Small Talk video series and exercise booklet is available to conference participants until November 25. Joan Marie Galat’s webinar will be available to conference participants for two weeks after Oct 23. You can rewatch any of these videos during these time periods!


Can I submit my writing to the Virtual Writer-in-Residence?

Our three Virtual Writers-in-Residence (VWIR) are open for consultations with any conference participants; all you have to do indicate which VWIR you would like to see and pay the fee along with your Conference pass. This service is open to any writer coming to our conference! You might just be putting pen to page, or you may have written a dozen books. You can write in any genre; our VWIRs would love to see any form of fiction, nonfiction and poetry.


Do I have to be a SWG member to attend the conference?

Our conference is open to anyone interested in attending, although our members enjoy a discounted rate.


Where can I buy books written by your presenters?

This year, due to limited in-person offerings, we are not offering a book table to sell books by presenters and attendees. Instead, we are asking people to support our presenters by buying their books through our Virtual Book Table, which has links to buy their latest books from their publisher or an online bookstore. You could also ask for these titles at your favourite brick-and-mortar local bookstore too!

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