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Start: November 2, 2020 - 6:30 pm
To: 8:30 pm
Cat Abenstein - Program Coordinator
Start: November 2, 2020 - 6:30 pm
To: 8:30 pm

Roots of the Story: Digging into Memory and Imagination

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This story creation workshop with Danica Lorer encourages participants to use their unique experiences and creativity to develop new stories both true and fantastical. The ideas for stories are everywhere, Danica Lorer will share some of her tricks for tapping into the odd and familiar to create engaging narratives that connect to audiences and readers on a variety of emotional levels. 


Over the past twenty years as a professional storyteller, Danica Lorer has delighted audiences of all ages. Her workshop participants have been from 0-103. She has been struck by lightning, a moose, a rogue semi-tire, vehicles, and the odd strange idea. Danica believes in the power of the story and of listening and telling. She has been published in untethered, Poetry All Over the Floor, Grain, Alice Unbound-Beyond Wonderland, release any words stuck inside of you, antiLang, and Spring. 


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