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Start: April 10, 2024 - 6:30 pm
To: 8:30 pm (SK Time)
Online via Zoom
Cat Abenstein - Program Manager
Start: April 10, 2024 - 6:30 pm
To: 8:30 pm (SK Time)

Short Story Structure with Judy McCrosky


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This workshop will not be recorded.


This workshop is in partnership with the Regina Public Library for their Writes of Spring programming, a month-long celebration of writers and readers.


This program is conducted through Zoom. Register through the RPL website to receive a reminder, the evaluation and any resource materials or just click the link to join:


Please note: anyone with a valid Saskatchewan library card (from all regional libraries) can register for these programs. The direct Zoom link is provided above in the event you do not have a valid Saskatchewan library card and cannot register. Where possible, please register.


Short Story Structure

Structure is one of the most important facets of writing fiction or non-fiction.  It needs to be front and center for the writer, and yet almost invisible to the reader.  If you have started a short story, novel, or other piece of writing, and run out of steam, leaving the piece unfinished, chances are this happened because you don’t understand structure.  With this workshop, you will easily learn how structure supports the characters and plot of your story.  And, you’ll be able to use it to finish almost anything you begin.


Judy McCrosky has had six books published and many short stories have appeared in magazines and been broadcast on CBC radio.  Her published genres include literary, romance, nonfiction, science fiction, and fantasy. 

Judy taught Creative Writing at the University of Saskatchewan for over two decades. She’s spoken at conferences across Canada and in the USA and has taught at schools and libraries. Judy’s given workshops to writing groups, and to kids ranging from kindergarten to senior citizens.  Judy likes talking about what she does and she especially likes teaching people how to write.  Judy loves to teach because she always learns something.




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