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Start: November 16, 2020
Shirley Fehr
Start: November 16, 2020

Threshold: The Moment a Writer's Life Changes

Publishing your first book. Changing your genre. Moving to a new country. The birth of a child.


Did something happen in your life that made a difference in who you are as a writer today?


We want to hear from you.


Steven Ross Smith will be writing a series of articles for Freelance entitled “Threshold: The Moment a Writer’s Life Changes”. If you have a threshold moment that you’d like to share please submit it for a chance for it to be included.


How to submit your moment:

  1. In bullet-form and no more than 200 words include a brief description of the moment and how it changed you as a writer.
  2. Email your paragraph to
  3. Deadline for submissions: November 16, 2020

If your moment is selected, you will receive a $50 honorarium and be contacted by the writer for a short interview (by phone or online) for further details.