Author Readings Program

Meet and listen to a reading by a Saskatchewan author or storyteller.

About the Author Readings Program

Applications for in-person, online, or hybrid readings between August 1, 2024 and July 31, 2025 opens on July 2, 2024. This program fills up quickly so don’t delay.

The program is 0% full.

Please note that applications must be submitted 4 weeks in advance of your planned event and must include the exact date of your reading or it will not be processed. SWG will not fund applications for readings that have already happened. 

The SWG’s Author Readings Program (ARP) makes it possible for people of all ages to meet and listen to their favourite Saskatchewan authors and storytellers who share the distinctiveness of their own stories when they visit online or in-person. 

The ARP is a program subsidized by the SWG that helps host organizations afford author readings in their community. Host organizations (schools, libraries, community groups) pay a small portion of the author reading expenses ($70) to the SWG after their reading and the SWG will pay authors $300 per reading + mileage at SWG rates (.44/km) within Saskatchewan. (See “How Much Does It Cost?” section) 

The ARP does not fund workshops. One reading or presentation is 45 to 60 minutes. During that time, the author will read from a published book or work in progress and may also do any of the following:

  • discuss where ideas come from;
  • talk about their career;
  • discuss the work of other writers;
  • explain their writing and publishing process; or 
  • respond to questions.

Events may not be recorded without the permission of the author. All recordings will be the intellectual rights and property of the author. Consider booking an author for multiple sessions (as opposed to recording their reading with the intention of replaying it) to ensure authors are paid fairly for their work.  

Application Form

Applications are now closed.

If the online form does not work for you, please download and save this PDF application form, complete it, and email it to

Host Payments

Please choose a quantity of 1, or 2 if you are paying for more than one reading, to ensure correct payment.


If you do not receive a confirmation email after registering, please contact the office at 306-791-7740 or email

Author Readings Program payment

Total: $ CAD

Program Eligibility and Limits for Hosts and Authors

Host Organization (schools, libraries, community groups)

  • Each host organization may apply for up to two SWG author readings per program year (from August 1 to the following July 31). 
  • Host organizations must be Saskatchewan-based hosting a reading within Saskatchewan
  • Host organizations must not have outstanding host reports or invoices when making new applications.
  • Host organizations must apply with the exact date of the reading and with the authors consent and confirmation that they are available for that date.
  • Only host organizations (not the authors who are reading) may apply to the ARP.


  • The author should be a current SWG member in good standing.
  • Each author is eligible for a maximum of five readings per program year (from August 1 to the following July 31). 
  • SWG members living outside of Saskatchewan are eligible for readings that occur with Saskatchewan-based organizations within Saskatchewan. Mileage is only paid for travel within Saskatchewan.
  • Authors do not apply to the ARP themselves, only host organizations may submit applications.

Authors are encouraged to self-promote their services to host organizations and to encourage host organizations to offset the costs of the reading by applying to the Author Readings Program. Often, libraries (especially rural) and schools would love to bring a Saskatchewan author into their community and your self-promotion helps them to find you.

Check with the SWG if you’re unsure of your eligibility.

Selecting an Author

To assist you in selecting a writer for your event, the SWG's searchable online database, “Find Saskatchewan Writers and Services” is a directory of SWG members.

View Find Saskatchewan Writers Database

You may also want to look through the SaskBooks Catalogue: 

If you are unsure if an author is a SWG member, please contact the SWG office. 

Consider the following questions when selecting an author: 

  • What size is your audience? 
  • What age group or grades will be included? 
  • Is the author’s material appropriate for your needs?

When you contact an author, you may initially discuss their availability. Eventually, you should be sure to discuss:

  • The type of reading or topic you would like presented
  • The size and age of audience they are willing and comfortable presenting to
  • How the presentation will be delivered, i.e. content and subject matter, the format of the reading, online or in-person, what book they will be reading/discussing, etc...; and
  • Any special arrangements or equipment the writer may need, i.e. audio/visual needs, special seating arrangements, the kind of space they require (gymnasiums are not usually the best setting unless there is a sound system in place).

Other considerations:

  • The venue should include adequate lighting, a sound system if required, a table and/or podium, as well as a chair (optional) and water for the author. (See Hosting Guidelines for more information).
  • The online event should have adequate internet, an event host, as well as other considerations. (See Vitual Hosting Guidelines for more information).
  • Please ensure that you are familiar with the author’s work so that you can effectively introduce the author to your audience and/or prepare your audience.
  • The host organization will also want to communicate about accommodation information, if applicable, and determine if the author has food allergies, sensitivities, or preferences. 
  • Please acknowledge the sponsorship of the SWG and our funders, SaskCulture and Saskatchewan Lotteries, during the introduction of your author. A sign may also be displayed during the reading. Please find templates for signage below under the “Forms and Resources” tab. You may access SWG and funder’s logos in these documents.

Remember that all conditions are subject to the approval of the author.

How much does it cost?    

Host Organization

  • The ARP is a program subsidized by the SWG that helps host organizations afford author readings in their community.
  • The host organization does not pay the author directly - they pay a reading fee of $70 directly to the SWG upon receipt of invoice. However, host organizations are welcome to “top up” an author’s fee and pay them more for a reading. For example, if you want an author to receive $500, the SWG can pay our rate of $300 to the author directly and your host organization can pay the remaining $200 to the author directly. (Along with the $70 owed to the SWG.)
  • The host organization is responsible for the following costs, and arrangements must be made between the host and the author prior to the reading:
    • the author’s meals
    • accommodations (where needed)
    • additional author requirements
    • all related reading expenses, including facility rental, the cost for online communication platforms, and publicity. 
  • It is important that the host organization contact the author before applying to ensure that they will be available at the selected time and date. SWG is unable to proceed until the author and reading date are confirmed.
  • If you cancel or reschedule your approved reading, you must let the SWG know. Readings do not carry over and must occur in the same program year they were approved.

Review the Hosting Guidelines and Virtual Hosting Guidelines for more information. 



  • It should not cost the author anything to participate in this program. 
  • The SWG will directly pay each author:
    • a fee of $300 per 45-60 minute reading
    • return mileage at a rate of .44/km. (The SWG will only cover mileage within Saskatchewan. The minimum claimable travel expense is 20 km). We calculate distance using Google Maps to ensure consistency. (Google your city/town name to the reading city/town name and multiply that distance by two to find your return mileage.) Please do not submit odometer readings.
  • If you cancel or reschedule your reading date, you must let the SWG know. Readings do not carry over and must occur in the same program year they were approved.
  • To receive payment for a reading, an author will submit their Author Reading Claim Form to the SWG within two weeks of the reading. 

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Decide on the type of event you are hosting and the author you wish to invite (See “Selecting an Author” tab), along with alternatives in case your first choice is not available.
  2. Contact the author(s), and book a date before you make an application to the SWG. Let the authors know that you are applying to the SWG Author Reading Program and that you will confirm the booking if/when your application has been approved.
  3. Submit your online application at least four weeks before your planned event. You will know the status of your application approximately two weeks after its submission.
  4. Once your reading is confirmed, note the date your host report is due, and contact the author to make the final arrangements and to begin promotion.
  5. If you cancel or reschedule your reading date, you must let the SWG know. Readings do not carry over and must occur in the same program year they were approved.
  6. You will be invoiced for your portion of the author’s fee around your reading date. You will make your payment directly to the SWG online (See “Host Payments” section), by e-transfer, or by cheque. Do not pay authors directly unless you’ve negotiated a higher fee with them and are paying the difference.
  7. After the reading is complete, please fill out and return the Host Report Form to the SWG office within two weeks of your reading. Note your total audience size and audience demographics and provide a brief reflection about the event. Photos of your event may be emailed to Failure to submit your mandatory Host Report will result in future ineligibility.
  8. Ensure you have made your payment to the SWG for your reading. Payments can be made online (See “Host Payments” section), by e-transfer, or cheque. Please note your invoice number when you make your payment. Failure to make your payment will result in future ineligibility.

Host Report Form

After the event

Host Organization

  • You will receive an invoice from the SWG. Submit your payment to the SWG for your portion of fees promptly. Payments can be made online (See “Host Payments” tab), by e-transfer, or by cheque. Please note your invoice number with payments.
  • Submit your online Host Report to the Program Manager within two weeks of your event. Ensure you note your total audience size and audience demographics and provide a brief reflection about the event. 
  • Share any photos of the author visit with the SWG. Send these to


  • Submit your PDF of your Author Claim Form within two weeks of your reading to receive payment for your reading. 
  • Share any photos of the event with the SWG. Send these to

Forms and Resources

Host Organization


For more information contact:

Program Manager
 306.791.7746 | E:

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