The Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild is proud to present 40 Years of Writing: A Conversation with Past City of Regina Writing Award Winners , premiered during the 2020 CRWA Awards Show on November 25.


The City of Regina Writing Award is an annual award granted to a Regina writer to support work in process for a three-month period. It is a long-standing partnership between the City of Regina and the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild that has supported the Regina writing community since 1980. To honour and celebrate the history of this award, the City’s support for the writing community, and the achievements of our past winners, the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild commissioned a mini-documentary featuring some of our past award winners, including Kelley Jo Burke, Judith Krause, Trevor Herriot, Tara Gereaux, and Chelsea Coupal.



Thank you to the City of Regina for your continued support.


Thank you to our production team:


Interviewer -- Tracy Hamon

Producer -- Cat Abenstein

Videographer -- Shoot with Scrapes Videography


Submissions are open for the 2021 City of Regina Writing Award. See more here.