As the highest honour presented by the University of Saskatchewan Alumni Association, this award recognizes an alumnus/alumna for an outstanding lifetime of accomplishments and contributions to the social, cultural and economic well-being of society in any area, such as academics, athletics, arts, business, not-for-profit, public, or private sector.


Dr. Robert Calder (BA’63, MA’65)

Alumni Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Robert (Bob) Calder is a person of many talents and accomplished widespread excellence. He has given his time and energy for nearly sixty years to pursuits both professional and personal that have had an impact on Saskatchewan and the world. As a writer and professor, Dr. Calder has explored a broad range of topics, including the life and work of William Somerset Maugham; British propaganda, battle fatigue and suicide in World War II; the meeting of the Spanish and the Maya in Yucatan in the sixteenth century; and the history of the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Dedicated to lending his expertise and guidance to others, Dr. Calder has contributed countless hours to serving the University of Saskatchewan and the broader community through his volunteer work promoting writers and writing in the province.