March 6, 2022, from BWL Publishing Inc., a new cozy mystery from Yvonne Rediger.

Welcome back to Musgrave Landing.

Gladys Wyatt needs to keep up with the expenses on her new condo. It would help if Linda would stop flooding the place. Freddie isn’t much bothered by the damage Linda's causes. He is more caught up in defending his plants from Lara Finkle, the one-time mistress of the late embezzler mayor. How can she afford a unit in the new building anyway? Arlie Birch thinks he knows, but not everyone agrees.

It would also be great if Enid, the building manager and Dwayne, the condo board president, would stop coming up with new bylaws that threaten Gladys’ bakery business. This makes the condo board meetings quite contentious.

When Gladys is accused by Ann Westcott of hanging prank banners on the water facility build, is it possible the pranks could be related to the thief plaguing the village? Gladys suspects it was the thief who injured Matthew's dog.

Gladys is shocked to find a body, half outside of the garage. Could the thief also be responsible for the murder? She reminds her granddaughter to keep the condo doors locked, but will that be enough?


Condo Crazy is a fast-paced mystery. Engaging characters and witty dialogue. I loved it!

Joan Havelange, author of The Suspects.