When Samantha and Phil lose their second child, colour fades from her world. The darkness swallows up her vibrant view of life, and in a blind rush to erase the pain she hurts the very ones who can restore her to radiance.


Work no longer insulates Phil from his grief. He erects walls of self-protection that block out everyone’s attempts to connect with him. And as the money drains from his fledgling business, he worries about losing everything.


When all seems utterly hopeless, their daughter Cami helps them to reconsider their Creator’s promise of renewed hope. Could this lead to the family’s restoration?



Tamara Wanner thrived as a teacher for many years and worked with children of all ages in both school and ministry. When she and her husband Bill faced the heartache of infertility, their Creator grafted two chosen children into their family. Her creative spirit finds an outlet in writing, music, flowers, and scrapbooking. Check out her blog at www.legacyreimaged.com or follow her on Spotify.