I am thrilled to share that "What If You Could?" placed as one of the three finalists in the High Plain's children's book category at their annual book award event held  in Billings, Montana, October 7, 2023. In the words of Teddy Roosevelt, "this little caterpillar dared greatly." It truly was an honor to have the first book I've written selected as one of three finalists in this prestigious event. The committee shared there were over 1000 readers involved in shortlisting three finalists for each of their 13 book categories. I'd like to celebrate the High Plains book awards organizers for the first class event they created.

It was a rich experience to meet and mingle with so many seasoned and talented authors and to participate as a panalist at an event that brought the highplains of Canada and the US together.

My vision moving forward is that every child in the world will come understand the power of the message in my book...Just imagine... a world driven by love and not fear.