November 2023 - Kathleen Knapp published her first book. A 31-Day Devotional based on her blog writings.

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Are you feeling stuck in grief, longing for wholeness, and wondering where to turn?

Regardless of the kind of loss you've suffered, God desires to comfort you with hope and healing as you navigate your journey of grief.


Navigating Grief - A Journey of Hope & Healing is a 31-day devotional that guides you to the spiritual healing your broken heart desires. 

Kathleen Knapp invites you to journey one step at a time sharing how Jesus met her in the grief of losing two precious people: her mother to dementia and her son to an early death.


Through relatable Bible verses and personal stories, this interactive devotional encourages you to hope again and believe for healing.

We don't get over grief, but we learn to carry it as we too are carried in the strong arms of our good Shepherd.



Kathleen Knapp has compassion for parents who are grieving, feeling isolated, and losing faith in God. She has been there. As a Palliative Care nurse and mom with special needs children, she's experienced life's joys and sorrows including the death of her son and mother. Kathleen comes alongside those who navigate a journey of grief to find hope and healing in Christ. We never get over grief, but we learn how to carry it. Join us on a devotional journey of hope and healing as you navigate your grief with Jesus.