The SWG Board of Directors regularly reviews policies to keep them current, relevant, and effective in serving the interests of all members.


In the summer of 2022, the Board surveyed members for input on the Conflict of Interest Policy for the Board of Directors. Thank you to all members who provided input. Your opinions were meaningful and valuable.


Recognizing that Board members are often writers, as well as SWG members who volunteer their time to serve on the Board, it is not the intent of the Conflict of Interest Policy to interfere unreasonably with an individual’s livelihood, artistic activity or access to professional development. As a governance Board, Directors are not involved in planning, administering or executing SWG programs.


The Conflict of Interest policy has now been revised based on members' feedback; 28% of members responded to the survey. Highlights of survey respondents’ feedback include:


  • Almost 50% said they would be more likely to run for a Board position if they could remain eligible for certain programs and awards.
  • 82% said Board members should be eligible for awards if decided by an independent jury outside of SWG.
  • 65% said the Board should be eligible for paid work (e.g. workshops, mentoring) when the Board has no involvement in awarding the work.
  • 89% said Board members should be eligible to have their work published in Grain, Spring, Freelance, and other publications, recognizing the Board has no involvement in editorial decisions.


Please be assured that your Board of Directors is committed to leadership, vigilance and transparency regarding this and other matters. The new policy may be viewed at this link. The previous policy is available upon request. If you have any questions regarding the revised Conflict of Interest policy, please contact SWG President David Schleich at