SWG staff are still working from home. However, we are planning a gradual return beginning June 1. That means we won't all be in the office at the same time. So, if you do need to come to the office for any reason, please observe the following safety protocols:

  • Call first to let us know when you will be coming and the purpose of your visit
  • Wear a face mask while in the office (not provided)
  • Sanitize your hands when you arrive (hand sanitizer will be provided)
  • Limit your time in the office 
  • Observe physical distancing requirements (2 metres)
  • Bring your own beverages (coffee, water...) as the kitchen will be closed
  • If you use the washroom, it is your responsibility to sanitize it after. Cleaning supplies will be provided
  • If you are ill or showing symptoms of COVID-19 please stay home

Thank you!