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Cliff Burns
North Battleford
Audience Age Groups
Secondary (Grades 10-12)

Cliff Burns

Cliff Burns has been a professional author since 1985.

He has written sixteen books and published scores of short stories, essays and poems in publications and anthologies around the world. In 1990, he founded his own imprint, Black Dog Press--in the words of critic and academic Robert Runte: "CLIFF BURNS IS A LITERARY PIONEER, GOING INDEPENDENT TWO DECADES BEFORE IT BECAME FASHIONABLE. FOR BURNS, IT WAS NEVER ABOUT THE MONEY; IT’S ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT ARTISTIC INTEGRITY AND CONNECTING WITH HIS AUDIENCE.”

Burns has also written for the radio and stage and in 2023 produced and recorded the book-themed podcast "Standing At An Angle to the Universe" (available on Podbean, Spotify and other platforms).

He lives in North Battleford with his wife, artist and educator Sherron Burns.


Broadcast Works

"Standing At An Angle to the Universe" (Podcast), Podbean (others), 2023-2023

"Standing At An Angle to the Universe" is a ten-part podcast on books, literature and the writing life, produced and hosted by Canadian author Cliff Burns. 

Burns takes a very personal approach to the world of books, and his opinions are bound to raise the ire of territorial fan-boys and fan-girls, who are always so eager to defend their favorite movie franchise or hack author, the slightest criticism causing them to fly into a self-righteous rage.

Burns pulls no punches in his attempt to celebrate the legacy of great writing and the authors who consistenly and courageously push the envelope, taking us to places we've never visited before.


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