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Dirck de Lint
Audience Age Groups
Secondary (Grades 10-12)

Dirck de Lint

Dirck de Lint lives in Regina with his wife, son, and a slowly varying number of cats. When not writing, he applies his scant leisure time to the repair and maintenance of fountain pens.

While writing in a highly amateur manner since the late 1980s, he got serious about the art in 2015. Since then, he has published short stories in several outlets, despite which he persists in sending out submissions. His work wanders around between fantasy, science fiction (of a kind so soft it may well be damp), and horror.


"Palmer's Folly", 2020


Dragon Soul Press, 2020

"The Moon Forest" in MONSTERS IN SPAAAACE!

Dragon's Roost Press, 2019

"Without Fear, Favour or Affection" in CREATURES IN CANADA

LVP Press, 2019

“Preserve My Fondest Memories”

Polar Borealis, 2019

"Free Balloons for All Good Children"

Pseudopod, 2018


AE: The Canadian SF Review, 2016

"The Third Act"

Trigger Warning: Short Fiction with Pictures, 2016

Broadcast Works

"Free Balloons for All Good Children", Pseudopod, 2006-0

Pseudopod is a weekly podcast which presents short horror fiction.

"Free Balloons" is about a man who takes his very young son for a walk in the park, where they are menaced by a profoundly unlikely threat. I was absolutely delighted to have this story picked up by Pseudopod, as for a writer of short horror I count them as one of The Big Leagues. That delight was multiplied by the quality of the production and the comments at the end, which included a wonderful comparison to "Lovecraft with all his ridiculous toxic nonsense stripped away."


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  • Suspense/Thriller
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