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Donna Miller
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Donna Miller

I've always to write. As a kid I wrote about a wild stallion coming to the rescue of a valuable mare. I also liked to daydream. I would daydream anymore- while washing dishes, while in school. My father didn't really beat my mother, I wasn't a sickly little girl with Einstein-like hair. Oh No. I was a beautiful, powerful avenger out to stamp out evil in this world. I grew up, got married and had six kids. Though busy I managed to write a sci-fi which I hope to one day get published. I joined a writers group and then in 2012 my first book Black Fury was published. Black Fury is the first in a sequel entitled Help Me I'm Naked,a true story about the women in my family. It's an accounting of the domestic turmoil, violence we have suffered and its long-reaching consequences over the generations. It's a letting go of secrets that have kept us captive of our own psyches, secrets that have made us, the victims, feel guilt and shame. Help Me I'm Naked is a story about stoic endurance. It is a memoir that speaks of hope and triumph over confusion, loneliness and despair. Read my book and you may spot some of yourself in it or at least have a better understanding of "why women put up with it" and "why children don't speak up" To date there are two books in my series, Help Me I'm Naked: BLACK FURY published last year ans a FAMILY OF OUR OWN newly released. Both books were published by Nickles Worth Publishing in Regina and are available at all book stores. Black Fury is also available on Ebook. I presently reside in the country near Asquith, Sk with my dog Tikka.

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  • Rosetown Writers' Group


  • Memoir
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