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Jerry Haigh
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Jerry Haigh

Jerry Haigh is a Wildlife Vet, Author, & Storyteller. For more information about Jerry Haigh, please visit his webpage,

I was born in Kenya and returned there 3 days after graduating from veterinary school in Glasgow (Scotland). I spent the next ten years there working as a general practitioner, with an ever-increasing component of wildlife work that included giving a 4-gallon enema to a rhino, having safari ants up my shorts, translocating elephants, and treating a sick lion.  

I came with my family to Canada in 1975 and took a post as a wildlife vet at Saskatoon’s Western College of Veterinary Medicine. I’ve since worked with polar bears (and black and grizzlies), moose, elk, wolves, as well as several bird species and been part of teams doing dental work on a lion and a hippo in zoos.  I've been back to Africa several times to work on wildilfe projects and taken vet students to Uganda to learn about the human x livesotck x wildlife conflitcs. I've also worked in New Zealand, Australia, Mongolia and the tiny Pacific island of Rota

I have 5 books published about wildlife. Wrestling With Rhinos, The Trouble With Lions, Of Moose and Men, Porcupines to Polar Bears, and coming out on October 1st, Reindeer Reflections: Lessons from an Ancient Culture.  I have also penned many magazine articles. You can see details and extracts on my website at

I have told stories about my work on 6 continents. In Canada I have toured in Yukon and Ontario and told stories in 8 provinces most often to school groups to both primary and secondary students, but on many occasions to audiences ranging from pre-school children to grannies, often in the same venue at the same time. I often mixing those real-life accounts with folklore. With few exceptions I use lots of pictures as part of the stories, developing the ancient 6th century method known as Cantastoria updated to modern techniques. You can see some of my shorter stories, and reactions to them on my website, under the Storyteller link (surprise, surprise).  

If you or your group would like to enjoy some of my stories you can contact me at


Porcupines to Polar Bears: Adventures of a Wildlife Veterinarian.

Dragon Hill Publishing, 2015, Publication

Of Moose and Men: A Wildlife Vet's Pursuit of the World's Largest

ECW Press, 2012, Publication

The Trouble WIth Lions: A Glasgow Vet in Africa

U of Alberta Press, 2008,

Wrestling With Rhinos: The Adventures of a Glasgow Vet in Kenya

ECW Press, 2002, Publication


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