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Jocelyn Drozda
Audience Age Groups
Elementary (Grades K - 5)

Jocelyn Drozda

Being in the classroom for over twenty years has been a joy for Jocelyn. She has taught all grades in various capacities, but her grade two classes hold a special place in her heart. She finds inspiration in the antics of these little ones. She was involved in curriculum and resource development and provided instructional workshops for other educators throughout her career. Jocelyn holds a master's degree, has authored several dozen publications, and helps others share their stories. 

The Xanderbook children's series flowed out of her daily problem-solving encounters with her students. She loves to introduce children and their caregivers to a common language that develops an awareness of how we think about and react to life's situations. The resulting conversations help build and strengthen emotional processing skills.


Workshops Offered

Writing Stories with Purpose and Structure
Group Size: 6-60
Ages: Elementary

Take your students from "making up the story as they go along" (without a defined purpose) and ending with the infamous "Then I woke up," to creating and following a story guide and writing stories that solve problems. Students are introduced to the story structure used by the author to create Xander books. Together, the author and the students decide upon a problem they want to solve, set up the structure, and begin to write a new story. Students finish the creation individually or in pairs, adding their own unique details. Voice, perspective, and character development are all considered. 

Ideally this is a 90 minute workshop to fully explore the topic, but times can be flexible according to schedules.

Xander and Alex: The Inside Angle
Group Size: 6-120
Ages: Elementary

The author shares with students how the Xanderbook series came to be, including such research as the characteristics of cartoons, cartoon character development, ideas for storylines, and adding everyday elements into writing. The presentation is completed with a reading of a Xanderbook. (Projection of the presentation and story is available for larger audiences.)

Xander Literacy Fair: Motivation Through Connection
Group Size: 20-200
Ages: Elementary

Students rotate through literacy stations with a carnival-like atmosphere featuring Xander and his friends, complete with a cartoon photobooth and a bean bag toss. Add your own fair food and make it a true carnival! Activities include reading, writing, strategy, arts and crafts. Choose activities from a set menu. As students grow to know and love the Xander Family, they enthusiastically participate in the literacy activities. Author readings and a pop-up store for Xander merchandise are available. The Xander Fair partners well with school-based and community parent evenings and breakfasts. Parents love to participate and guide their little ones through the fun activities. There is no number limit if participants rotate through the fair. 


What About Me? (Xanderbook series)

Ahelia Publishing, 2022, Publication

What If ... (Xanderbook series)

Ahelia Publishing, 2021, Publication

I Don't Want to (but I will) (Xanderbook series)

Ahelia Publishing, 2020, Publication

The Now Thing (Xanderbook series)

Ahelia Publishing, 2020, Publication

Candy for Breakfast

Ahelia Publishing, 2018, Publication


  • Children's Literature—Picture Books


  • Copyediting
  • Developmental/Project Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Rewriting
Genre Writing
  • Children’s Writing
  • Ghostwriting
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