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Kenneth G.P. Carriere
Air Ronge
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Kenneth G.P. Carriere

I was born in Cumberland House, Saskatchewan on March 11, 1951. I attended school there until Grade 10. I took my Grade 11 in Prince Albert at PACI in 1968-69. I completed my Grade 12 in Nipawin at L.P. Miller High in 1970. I graduated with an undergrad degree in Geology in 1974 from Sir George Williams University Campus which is now Concordia U. at Montreal,Quebec. I went into teacher training at NORTEP in La Ronge graduated in 1983. I received my B.Ed. degree from U.of S. in 1984. I have been an instructor and a teacher until I superannuated in 2016. I have since retired. I wish to write literary works. I enjoy photography and art projects. I am First Nations a member of the Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation. I communicate in all three Cree dialects spoken in Saskatchewan. I have studied the Ojibway Anishinabemowin or Nakawewin language at FNUC in Regina. These languages are from the Algonquian root languages. I have written a published book in Swampy Cree titled, " The Bulrush Helps The Pond", published by Gabriel Dumont Institute Publishing. I have taught an introductory Plains Cree language course at the U.of R. I have taught Swampy and Woodland Cree in Northern Saskatchewan First Nation's High Schools. In winter I cross country ski. In summer I enjoy paddling a canoe, do angling for fish, grow a garden, pick berries and herbs, bike and hike. From early to late Fall I hunt water fowl, deer, moose, do some fishing and pick berries. I enjoy living in Northern Saskatchewan where I can keep active in the outdoors for any variety of reasons.I make my home in Air Ronge a village located by Lac La Ronge and the Montreal River. I speak Cree regularly with People from the Lac La Ronge Indian Band, with my brother Franklin Carriere of La Ronge and sister Donna Mirasty of the Eagle Point Resort. I also phone my brother John Carriere regularly he lives in Cumberland House. I listen to Cree broadcasts with Missinippi Broadcasting Corporation(MBC) which is located in La Ronge. They broadcast throughout Saskatchewan on the FM band. I am thankful to still have Cree speakers around me who can communicate so well in Cree. I wish to make written Cree in Standard Roman Orthography be part of my literary mark. I will continue to write in strong communicative English to expand my reader audience.


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