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Madelon Smid
Audience Age Groups
Secondary (Grades 10-12)
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Madelon Smid

Smid began her writing career in Saskatoon, as a member of the Romance Writers of America and the Saskatoon Romance writer's, she wrote and sold her first contemporary romance in 1991. A move to MB turned her writing in the direction of non fiction. In 1998 she co-authored Smart Women: Canadian Entrepreneurs talk about making money. It became an overnight Canadian Best Seller and Smid travelled Canada on a media tour, then again giving Smart Women workshops. In 2000 Smart Women Get Better was published, and Smid continued giving workshops, keynote addresses and publishing articles. In 2001 Smid moved to the Swift Current area and began teaching adult education classes in writing for the Cypress Hills College. As well, she started Armchair Writing, offering a variety of writing courses over the Internet. At the same time she published many articles in regional and national magazines. Smid also started the Prairie Quills Writer's Group which continues to thrive and contribute to the Swift Current area. Smid published short stories in six anthologies produced bi-annually by the Prairie Quills group, editing or co-editing all six collections. In 2012 Smid stopped teaching to devote her time to writing. She authored Daring Heights a 6 book series of romantic suspense, and Sisters in Peril Trilogy and non fiction book:Chronic Challenge: Living Well With a Chronic Disease. Smid is the mother of two and grandmother of four. She writes from her home on the river, where she lives with her husband. She is an avid kayaker, skier, x-country skier and camper. Her books reflect her love of nature and need to interact with the great outdoors. They have been described as" intelligent, suspenseful, and sensual" by her readers.

Workshops Offered

5 W's and 1 H
Group Size: 6-20
Year: 0
Can be either a 4 hour or 4 week course for beginner writers. It covers the big questions that move a story or article forward: who, where, when, what, why and how? Interactive and an excellent way to join other writers for a fun time.
Customized workshop
Group Size: 1-300
Year: 0
I have delivered workshop on a one-to-one basis and to rooms holding hundred\'s of people. I customize my workshop to suit your purposes and meet your writing goals. I am comfortable leading you through a six hour day on writing, or giving a 1/2 hour talk on writing, publishing, self publishing, creativity, journaling, writing: short stories, full length fiction, memoir, and literary non fiction. I am always pleased to meet the participant\'s unique needs.
Equinox for Youth
Group Size: 6-12
Year: 0
A workshop for youth 11-14 years of age, or 6-10 years of age. Participants learn the basics of story telling while writing individual stories, then work together combining the best elements to create a group story. The story is edited, formatted, printed up and given to each child. Often the local library agrees to host a reading night and children present their story to the community, then gift the library with a copy. Extremely successful on all levels.
Free Flowing
Group Size: 6-30
Year: 0
Beginner writers learn to relax and play with ideas, give and receive critiques, turn ideas into stories, and apply basic writing elements.
Here's a Thought
Group Size: 6-20
Year: 0
Interactive 8 week course for writers at all levels. Covers journaling, small group support, writing articles, editing, inspired by nature, marketing, plotting, café writing, large group readings. Leaves them with the ability to write and publish articles
I want to Publish: How to Get My work Into Print
Group Size: 30-30
Year: 0
Four 1 1/2 hour classroom sessions. Covers Finding a Publisher, Applying the guidelines, Pitching My Work, Protecting My Book.
Journaling to Truth
Group Size: 4-50
Year: 0
An interactive 5 week course for writers at all levels, which helps the writer expand the skill of journaling. Covers Finding my voice, journaling through the senses, finding peace, journaling to grow and journaling to find self.
Setting Your Creative Spirit Free
Group Size: 4-20
Year: 0
This 6 hour week workshop for all levels of writers helps you understand and stimulate your creativity. The course emphasizes exercises that help you find your own style and voice, and use them to share your thoughts, feelings and stories with others. You will push your creative comfort zone to a new level. It has been successfully used for high school teachers, Swift Current Dental association members and writing groups.
Stimulating Your Creativity
Group Size: 4-36
Year: 0
An 6 hour workshop for anyone who wants to pursue a creative project. Has been successfully used for high school teachers, Swift Current Dental association members and writing groups. Using many interactive activities they find new ways and perspective on approaching their work.
The Planner Plots
Group Size: 10-30
Year: 0
Covers the aspects of plots, and narrative arcs. Identifying the elements, making them work for your genre. Interactive,
The Specificity of Writing Romance
Group Size: 10-40
Year: 0
An interactive workshop leading you from the identification of your genre, through the twisted pathways of writing a captivating romance, identifying and wooing your readers, and building a community they will embrace. Interspersed with general information are exercises, which allow the individual to focus on a particular writing goal.
Write Your Life
Group Size: 6-30
Year: 0
Interactive 2, 4 or 6 hours long for adults, seniors. Leads a first time writer through a story collection process, journaling, critiquing constructively and writing memories.
Writing: Start to Finish
Group Size: 4-24
Year: 0
An interactive 8 week course for writers at all levels, leading them through the steps of completing a written work and selling their piece.


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First Rupert's Land A.W.A.R.E. Conference

Anglican Journal, WPG, 1997

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New Youth Coordinator

Anglican Journal, WPG, 1997

What's Up In Manitoba

Wordwrap, 1997

Increasing Profits Through Co0operation

The Argus, 1996

Festival of the Equinox

Stonewall This Month, 1995

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Stonewall This Month, 1995

Thanks Reverend

Stonewall This Month, 1995

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Anglican Journal, 1985

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Anglican Journal, 1984

What's Up In Manitoba

Wordwrap, 1

Broadcast Works

A Mom's Despair, CBC Radio, 2001-2001
A one time performance on First Person Singular, Morning Time CBC radio.
Ambivalence, CBC Radio, 2001-2001
A one time performance on First Person Singular, Morning Time CBC radio.

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  • Prairie Quills


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  • Romance
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  • Radio


  • Developmental/Project Editing
  • Manuscript Critiquing (Not Editing)
  • Rewriting
  • Stylistic Editing
  • Substantive/Structural Editing
  • Web-based/Online Editing
Electronic/Online Media
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