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Marie Donais Calder
Audience Age Groups
Secondary (Grades 10-12)
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Marie Donais Calder

Marie Donais Calder’s parents taught her she could do most anything she set her mind to. In spite of having low vision, Marie received her B.Ed after marrying Darcy and having their 3 daughters, Nicole, Chantelle & Kari-Lynn. She had a rewarding 30 year teaching career and is now ready to tell the many stories residing within her. Marie and Darcy live in Estevan, SK.They have 2 grand-daughters, Piper and Kyenna and one surrogate grand-daughter, Lyanna. Marie's biography can be found in Something About the Author, volume 96. May 1998: “It was by way of Eddie that we were to be fed,” said the dignified silver haired German lady to my Mother when they met in Germany. Mom finally realized her dream to meet ‘the family’ whom Dad had so fondly spoken of upon his return to Canada. About the Series (Borealis Press, 2010 -): Y/A historical fiction The Other Side of: War, Fear, Pain, Trauma, Torn (set in Germany), Canada is added from the 5th book onward. Children’s Picture Book: Little Miss Muffet Isn’t Frightened Anymore (Borealis Press, 2013) Eddie, my father, was stationed in Germany after the war where he met 10 year old Johann. Eddie soon became involved in helping Johann’s family survive in the aftermath of the war. He did what our current day soldiers are attempting to do in Afghanistan; he helped them rebuild their lives. Eddie, through example, taught his army buddies that the Schmidt family was no different than their families were back home. These touching tales serve to illustrate the other side as we see the hardships faced by the Schmidt family, who was against the war from the start. However, they were helpless to stop the powerful Hitler. The common folk of Germany had no idea what the future held. These novels reveal the helplessness the people felt as well as the total lack of control they had over their own lives. These novels also challenge a number of stereotypes and assumptions about the German people. It works to highlight the best in humanity as Eddie and the Schmidt family, who were virtually enemies, develop a close and strong relationship based on mutual respect and friendship. People are collecting the novels as they read and re-read them. They have proven to be cross-generational as grandchildren discuss these books with their grandparents.

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