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Norma  Galambos
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Norma Galambos

Norma Galambos was raised and lives in central Saskatchewan. Norma writes a blog and hosts a podcast about growing up on the Canadian prairies, adult life and retirement called Grandma G – My Journey Into Retirement. Norma’s interests include history, writing children’s stories, gardening and entrepreneurship. Published Works Short Stories Prairies North Magazine - "Norma’s Diary" Segment Summer 2019 Issue "Summertime on the Farm" Fall 2019 Issue "Memories of Harvest” Winter 2019 Issue "Car: Street Hockey" More of Our Canada March 2020 "Royal Lake Country Store" Reminisce Magazine 2019 "Mom's Garden" Grand Magazine 2019 "When the Parentals Leave Grandma in Charge" "Home Isn't a Place It's a Feeling" Sask History and Folklore Magazine "The Bunkhouse" "Bob Ate Tents|Emerald Lake" Living the Second Act Magazine 2020 "7 Things I've Learned | Retirement Year l" "Change Your Mindset | Change Your Life"


Electronic Media
  • Blogs
  • Essays
  • History—Family
  • Memoir
  • Storytelling


Genre Writing
  • Creative Non-Fiction
  • Memoir
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