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Peggy Worrell
Swift Current
Audience Age Groups
Secondary (Grades 10-12)
Middle (Grades 6-9)
Elementary (Grades K - 5)

Peggy Worrell

My writing is who I am, it’s my way of being in the world. I draw my readers into folksy tales about ordinary people, then surprise them. Even I am surprised by my plucky characters and my cheeky stories. I am surprised by life. Stories come to me, I do not go looking for them. When I am asked about my writing style, I am stumped. I say I have a hairstyle, I change it every few years, but I sense that’s not a proper answer. Goodness, disappointment, happiness, and grace are of interest to me. A few times in my life, I have been the recipient of grace. Some call this luck or good fortune or serendipity. Others use the word blessing. As a writer, short fiction is my first love. Novel whispers from behind the bushes, but I have promised to remain faithful to this modest form in full knowledge of Anne Enright’s warning: “A concentration on the short story form is taken as a sign of writerly purity though it still does not pay the bills.”

Workshops Offered

Creativity for Professionals [Nurses, Teachers, Administrative Professionals, etc]
Group Size: 12-48
An interactive workshop offering practical approaches for a more creative approach with clients, customers, or co-workers and refreshing ideas for expressing your creative side in your workplace and home. Goals: renewed motivation & increased job satisfaction.


Dear PJ, I've always wanted to be a writer

Freelance, SWG, 2023, Publication

Living Wall

The Gardener, 2023, Publication

Living Wall, Cool Things

Broadview, 2023, Publication

Sandra's Bird

Grain, SWG, 2022, Publication

On the Eve of Hallowe'en

Apart, SWG, 2021, Anthology


Thistledown Press, 2014, Publication

A Bit of Bother

Spring magazine, SWG, 2013, Publication

Four Fridays

Mental Munching, Prairie Quills Writers' Group, 2012, Anthology

Lunch at the Empire State Building

Prairie Journal online, 2012, Publication

Mary Had A Lamb

The Nashwaak Review, 2012, Publication

Anastasia Zuck

The Society, St. Peter's College, 2010, Publication

Betsy And The Bell

Tickled by the Quills, Prairie Quills Writers' Group, 2010, Anthology


Transition Magazine, Canadian Mental Health Association, SK Division, 2010, Publication

Big Mary's Love Life

Characters, Prairie Quills Writers' Group, 2008, Anthology

Henry (Pa) Weinmaster, Lives Lived

The Globe and Mail, 2005, Publication

Broadcast Works

SoundXchange, CBC Radio SK, 2012-2012
Mary discovers the answer to Yeats\' question, \"Why should seek for love or study it?\" Why not?

Writing Groups

  • Prairie Quills


Lecturing/Public Speaking
  • Conferences
  • Keynote Addresses
  • Special Events
  • Professional Development Workshops
  • Writer-in-Residence
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