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Tim Alton
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Tim Alton

I have writen four novels, one four book series, and one children's picture book. None are published, and I haven't put a lot of thought or effort into changing that. I've also written a number of poems, the most recent ones prompted by funerals. I am 76 years old (as of sept 2013) and definitely feel my age. I taught trades in what was SIAST, and wrote thousands of pages of training materials. Although I have no formal training as a writer, I have a lot of practice, and I've gained missing skills through various SWG offerings, especially the vwir program. 

I am an instincitve writer, who avoids certain popular genres: fantasy, sc-fi, thrillers and horror. I am strongly oposed to anything AI. I believe nothing good can come of giving that much power to plagerizers and data theives, to use for their personal gain. The next step for AI is already in motion. The focus is on gaining insite into citizens actions and their motives. It is stealthy and invasive, and will be used by business interests to (among other things) improve sales pitches based on 'knowledge' they never had a right to obtain. AI programs present lies as truth, and the people who use them don't care. AI is already being used to eliminate the need for writers, actors, and people with brains enough to seek sensible solutions. It cost a tiny fraction campared to employing humans for the creation of written work, to act in films and television programming, and to guide the decision making of politiicians and civil servents. If you find yourself facing somethiing that makes no sense, you should suspect AI was used to create it, and the people who set that in motion were pleased with 'their' work. 

On an international level it does, and will continued to, create more effective spying and interference in national and international affairs. There is no 'up side' to the use of AI, except for the power brokers who are motivated entirely by personal greed and the need for control. 


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