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Tim Jones
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Tim Jones

Tim Jones is a professional archaeologist and heritage resources consultant who has carried out a wide variety of archaeological projects in Saskatchewan, spanning more than three decades. He has specialized in studying the rock art of this province, including the ancient rock paintings of the Canadian Shield of Canada and the St. Victor Petroglyphs, the province’s largest rock carving site He has produced over 70 reports relating to archaeological and tourism development projects, as well as a list of 56 publications, which include articles in the Atlas of Saskatchewan and the Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan, and three books:.The Aboriginal Rock Paintings of the Churchill River; St Victor Petroglyphs: The Place of the Living Stone (co-authored with Louise Jones), and Out of the Past: Sites, Digs and Artifacts in the Saskatoon Area (co-edited with Urve Linnamae). He is currently active with the Friends of St. Victor Petroglyphs, advocating for proper development of the site, and has taught for over 20 years courses in the Ethnology of North American Indians and Introductory Anthropology at First Nations University of Canada in Saskatoon. Tim can speak with authority on any Saskatchewan archaeological topic, as well as, of course, the topic of ancient rock art.

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